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Surplus Powder Load Data

These loads have been developed and contributed by members of Castpics.  If you are not comfortable with the data, DON'T USE IT.  If you notice any obvious typographical error or mismatch in data presented, contact immediately.  None of the data presented has been accepted from unknown sources.  That does not mean that you can take any load presented here and expect it to function safely in your firearm.  This data is presented as a result of research and development by castpics members and is presented for that purpose ONLY.  If you are not an experienced hand loader, then we suggest you work with someone who is, or  enroll in the NRA Reloading Course to get started before attempting to use surplus powders.   Loads discussed here often use non-canister grade powders that vary dramatically from lot to lot, all data here should be considered for academic use only and should not be viewed as an endorsement by the webmasters or the authors.

If you accept that the authors of this data and the website are NOT responsible for any load you create, and that your safety is entirely in your hands, then proceed with reviewing the data.  If not, please return to browsing other sections as we will not be held liable for your use of this data.    

WARNING: WC852 and WC852f are different burn rates. WC852 uses IMR 4831 data WC852f uses H380 data
.223 Rem 25-35 6.5 x 55
6.5x55 from BD 7mm TCU .357 Magnum
7 x 57 30 M1 Carbine 41 Mag
7.62 x 39 7.62 x 54R 7.65x54
.30-30 .308 30-06
 32-40 .32 Win Spl 35 Whelen
8 x 56R 8 x 57 43 Spanish
38 Super 35 Rem 38-55
375-06 40-65 44 Magnum
43 Mauser 444 Marlin 45 Colt
45-70 .45 ACP from BD .44 Mag from BD
45_90 45 ACP from Winchester 15th Edition Pamphlet  

For more load data - see Reloaders' Reference