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Member tips of the trade for various casting topics.

Beginning Articles
Getting Started  -   Things to know as you start out
How to cast bullets
Where to find Lead
Attention to Detail
So you cant afford a Lubesizer? (Pan Lubing)
Record Keeping (Beagle)
Record Keeping (Ben)
Bullet Articles
Bullet diameter enlargement (Beagling)
Bumping up a bullet
Casting Hollow Point and Hollow Base Bullets
Hollow Base Bullets
Gas Checked PB Bullets
Speed Casting
Paper Patches for Cast Boolits
Is Your Nose Too Big
Making Gas Checks
Lube Articles
Pan Lubing - a piece of Cake
How To Lube - Size on a Budget
Sizing Articles
Sizing with the 310 Tool
Nose First Sizing
How to Hone a Size Die
Choosing a Sizer
Misc. Articles
Slugging the Bore
Making Bullet Molds
Kinetic Pullers
Using a Lee hardness tester
Fluxes for casting alloy
Dillon RL 550B Repair
Use of Kapok in Reduced Loads
Ed's Red Bore Cleaner