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Hatcher's Notebook    -  Julian S. Hatcher

Complete Guide to handloading  - Philip B. Sharpe

Handloaders Manual - Earl Naramore

The Sporting Rifle and its projectiles   - James Forsyth

Why not Load Your Own?  -  Townsend Whelen

Advanced Gunsmithing -  W.F. Vickery

The Modern Gunsmith Volume 1 -  James Virgil Howe

The Modern Gunsmith Volume 2 - James Virgil Howe

Rifle Ammunition, notes on the Manufacturers Connected (1859)

Rifled Ordnance - Lynall Thomas (1858)

The American Rifle - Townsend Whelen

Modern Rifle Shooting from the American standpoint - WG Hudson

How I became a crack shot  -  W. Milton Farrow

Machine Guns - Julian S. Hatcher

United States Rifle Caliber .30, Model of 1903

Manual for rifle Practice - George Wood Wingate

Suggestions to Military Riflemen -  Townsend Whelen

The bullets flight from Powder to Target -  FW Mann

NRA Cast bullets by Harrison

NRA Cast bullets Supplement 1

NRA Illustrated Reloading Handbook 1959