The Reference Section

Current Mold catalogs

Ballisticast - Maker of H&G style molds as well as original designs

BRP  - Custom Made Aluminum molds

Lee - Standard product line (group buys elsewhere on site)

Lyman - Current cataloged items (for historic, see reference section)

Magma  - Maker of Molds for Automated casters as well as hand casting.

NEI  -  Most recent catalog from website although considerably dated

NOE -  custom cut Aluminum and brass molds

Rapine - Production Molds

RCBS  -  Current production molds (if anyone has Ohaus or Lachmiller docs, please let me know)

Red River Rick - Caters mostly to the BPCR crowd in making molds.  Great handles as well.

 SAECO  - Current catalog (images are poor quality but that is how they came to us).