Castpics History

Castpics was started during the summer of 1998 by Tommy Robbins, then 15 years old, at my (Felix, Tommy's dad) suggestion that he learn the language of the internet. We bought a quality scanner, and an extra disk pack to hold lots of pictures. We purchased Adobe Photoshop software and learned how to use it on the scanned pictures. The secondary objective, learning contemporary man-machine communications, was a complete success as well. Tommy is now using this experience towards his college degree in Business Information Systems. Thanks to Sundog who, during the Christmas season of 2001, very graciously took over the chores from a teenager having started a good thing for all of us older folks.


Sundog you asked Felix for the history of Castpics, and he may be too modest to tell you the story. There was discussion of bullet lube going on and it became obvious that Felix was in the know about such.  His lube was named FELIX WORLD FAMOUS BULLET LUBE as a takeoff of the Names Herter's used in their book of adjectives (catalog). Testimonies were coming in faster than testimonies about Leupold and RCBS customer service. This board was literally swamped with people asking for the formula.  I believe Felix viewed this as a multi faceted opportunity. Tommy could get some valuable experience, this board would grow by having this unique site, having the site made this board distinct and it would cut down on his having to make the same post over and over (the recipe).  It did increase the cohesiveness of this board and I believe the first Topaz shoot was somewhat of a take-off of this.  This board did grow.  Didn't count but that was about 25 words wasn't it? BTW I found a penny in the street the other day--let me know where to send it to help with the expenses. Don’t want anyone thinking I'm a cheapo.


I began my tenure with Castpics in 2007 and have been both an active participant and an ansentee landlord at times depending on my availability.   Early on, I revamped most of the content and reformatted the site in order to allow expansion.   For awhile it grew exponentially and I enjoyed seeing it grow.   Once fatigue set in, others helped out some but the site became more fixed and content additions slowed to a crawl.   Fast forward to 2014 and I am again excited about rejuvenating Castpics.    We have a new sponsor in NOE Bullet Molds.  Reloaders' Reference has combined with Castpics and soon we will have the largest single source of cast bullet loading data anywhere. We have Larry Gibson and Ben Hays on board adding new content.  We have a new framework and an updated look to the pages. My hope remains the same, to keep castpics a vibrant and useful part of the cast bullet community and to see it continue to grow with new ideas.