Welcome to the new site.   Castpics, the leading bullet casting reference site on the web, has joined forces with Reloader's reference, the best free loading manual on the planet, to create a one stop resource for all things reloading and casting.

We would also like to welcome NOE Bullet Moulds as the official sponsor of Castpics-RROnline.   We hope you'll visit NOE's site, if you haven't yet, as they are making some innovative tools for reloaders along with some great molds.

We have gone to great lengths to retain all the content that has made both projects great and will continue to add new content to improve the new combined site.

We would also like to welcome Larry Gibson and Ben Hayes as the first two Authors in Residence at the new site.  This new program is designed to give those with exceptional experience the chance to pass some of what they have learned on in their own words.  More details can be found under the Resident Authors tab and if there are others you would like to see join the Authors in Residence program, please encourage them to send us an email.   We will continue to add to this program as Authors are available to us.

As always, we will be continuing to add new content and welcome contributions of content so long as copyrights are not violated in doing so.   Please do not send copyrighted works unless you are the author and have the legal right to do so.  

With any major change, there will be a few bugs and issues.  Please report them to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..